What is the possibility that roulette tables can be rigged?

Some countries and gambling establishments don't have a gaming control board. This can make it hard to come across casinos that have regulated games. In such a free for all environment, it is not uncommon to find unscrupulous operators who go to all lengths to discourage high rollers, therefore reducing the size of casino payouts.

How do roulette tables get rigged?

There are a number of ways in which roulette tables can be rigged. The most common ones involves predetermining where the ball will stop on the wheelhead. This ensures that the ball ends up in a slot where the casino will pay out the least amount in player wins. The two most common methods are listed below.

  • Ball tripping: where the ball is dislodged prematurely from the track to settle on a predetermined slot.

Unfortunately for casino operators, these methods are not foolproof. Sometimes they goof and end up paying someone very handsomely. However, with constant practice, casino operators have more hits than misses, so it works for them in the end. Regulated casinos don't have such tricks, they leave everything in the game purely to chance.

Are there roulette tables you can trust?

Most roulette tables are operated by trustworthy people. You see they don't have to cheat in order to make money. Far from it. The operators always make money so long as there are people gambling. The advantage always goes to the operators if you compare your chances of winning, to that of losing. It is called house advantage.

Those who rig their tables may make some unscrupulous cash in the short run, but they lose in the long run. Their clients will run to other places. Movies like "Casablanca" have made it look like all casinos cheat, but that is far from it. They are actually better off being honest that cheating.

Does rigging also occur in online roulettes?

It is more difficult to rig online roulette tables than it is in a physical casino. In fact, it is possible to rig the casino as a whole than to specifically single out a roulette table. However, where there is official regulation, constant monitoring of online casinos warrants that there is no rigging. Monitoring is done by:

  • Casino regulators
  • Authorities which license casinos
  • Police and other legal enforcers

It is not possible to find cases of rigging in games provided by reputable providers. Such providers are usually duly registered and licensed. They are subject to rules and regulations governing their conduct, and are constantly monitored for algorithms that may rig playing outcomes. Moreover, they have strict policies governing their conduct, since they value their reputations.

How can you avoid being scammed by fake online roulette operators

The first thing you should do is to check if the game provider is duly registered and licensed to operate. It is not too difficult to check out this information online, if it is not available in the "About" section of the website itself. It is important to know that you are dealing with a reliable operator.

Another useful guide to the operations of a particular game is independent reviews. Don't hesitate to look at as many reviews as possible, to find out what others say about the game provider. You should also check out the similar reviews about the casino in which you access the game. In short, you should check out the following.

  • Where was the game provider or casino registered
  • When was it registered
  • Is it duly licensed
  • Who operates it
  • What do reviewers say about it

Is there a house advantage in roulette?

Yes, every gambling game has a house advantage. This means that the house will always make money, regardless of what an individual player makes. Moreover, even if just one player participates, the chances of the house winning are much higher than those of the player. Roulette is no exception to this general rule, the house always wins.

Because of this in built advantage in the game itself, most casinos, especially the ones which operate online, have no incentive to rig. That is why rigged roulette tables are the exception, not the rule. Game providers and casino operators know that in the end they will win very easily, so they prefer to operate honestly.